Fry's enter the online world

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Fry’s Electronics, the well known electronics store in the West, has finally taken a step into the online world. They are offering DSL service through a partnership with Covad Communications. Now, anyone that has been to Fry’s knows that they offer some of the worst customer service of any retail chain out there. Their new DSL service may be cheap, but quite frankly, that’s not what I’m looking for when I look for Internet access…

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Comments on “Fry's enter the online world”

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1 Comment
Ryan (profile) says:

Fry's Cust. Service sucks!

I remember Fry’s when I was out in the valley. I was so hyped about going to visit this mecca of technology stores but when I finally got there I was so disappointed with the overall experience. It’s a place for people that know what they want, that can ignore totally incompetant sales people and their prize for that is reasonably priced consumer electronics. I wouldn’t touch Fry’s DSL service with a ten foot barge pool considering my previous encounters with them ( I wonder if they’d have any one that knew what they were doing with DSL technology?).

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