Hotmail to Finally Switch to MS Software?

from the nah,-couldn't-be dept

Ever since Microsoft bought Hotmail at the end of 1997 they’ve been saying they were going to move it off of Unix and onto a Windows platform. Every attempt so far has been a failure. Now they say they’re doing it for real. It would be easy to take a cheapshot at Microsoft here, but we’ll let the servers speak for themselves.

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Comments on “Hotmail to Finally Switch to MS Software?”

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scooterboy says:

wow.. painful.

i was hanging in their santa clara colo facility a few months ago, and talking to one of their engineers who was working on the W2K migration.. man, did he look exhausted, but then again it was like 4AM. i never thought that they’d actually get it to work, but if W2K actually does half of the stuff that they say it does, then it might be pretty good.. just the fact that you don’t have to reboot after you change stuff anymore is a BIG win (but then again, UNIX has had that stuff for years).

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