The 411 with Data Input on Handhelds

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If you’ve ever tried typing something on a handheld you’ll know exactly how tiresome it is. Regardless of how cool it is to be able to receive email or make notes “on the go”, it’s a hassle for anything other than a few words. So, what’s the answer to this problem? Voice recognition, not for a few years but some kind of more intelligent input methods are a definite possibility. I’ve used predictive typing software on a handheld and I have to admit it takes a lot of the hassle out of the process. It seems to be one of the main contenders as a stop gap before voice recognition (and possibly even after for increased privacy).

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Comments on “The 411 with Data Input on Handhelds”

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prash says:

Voice Recognition

I’m not convinced that voice recognition is all that cool. Devices with voice recognition technology as the main input method are not private since everyone can hear what you are entering into your calendar or to do list.

Imagine being in a meeting where everyone has voice recognition hand helds. At the end of the meeting everyone starts talking to their hands helds to enter their action items to their todo’s. What a racket.

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