Games For the Masses

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I use to remember friends of mine laughing about people involved with the games industry, saying that they were just kids that had never grown up. Well, it seemed that what these shortsighted friends of mine overlooked is that the games arena seems set to become the equivalent of the old economy’s Hollywood (in the near future). Obviously, this doesn’t mean an end to the movie business it’s just a change in the hot source of a lot of our future entertainment.

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Comments on “Games For the Masses”

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1 Comment
scooterboy says:

hotter than movies..

just a thought… a computer game costs MUCH less than a movie to produce, and even though games is also a hits business, the staying power of a good game is much better than a movie. Add to that the success of sequels (plus the fact development is even cheaper since all of the engines have been developed already) — and you can clearly see that games are going to be a much more profitable business than movies ever will be… unless CG actors become commonplace (which isn’t too far away).

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