Funky New Technologies

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A bunch of new technologies… IBM has built a computer that learns how to play checkers better as it plays more games. Next up, robots that can walk on two legs with better balance than humans. Finally, special eye scanners that may help you speed through airport checkin lines by just scanning your eyes for identification. Combine these three together, and what do you get? A thinking, walking robot who can get on airplanes quickly. Okay, maybe not.

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Comments on “Funky New Technologies”

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mhh5 says:

real-AI, flying cars, walking robots, santa claus.

Which of those things is not like the others? Come on, can you tell which one?

The ‘checkers’ computer is no big deal. People have done the same thing with ‘Othello’, ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, and all sorts of stuff.
( Try your luck against a roshambot: )
Genetic algorthms and expert systems have been around for a long time….

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