Forcing Cell Phones to be Quiet

from the public-goods dept

There have been similar attempts before, but now a company is using Bluetooth to try to lower the volume on cell phones when they’re in public places. It’s not a bad idea. I like how they let doctors override the feature, though. I still don’t understand why people don’t just use a silent or vibrate mode on their phones most of the time.

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Comments on “Forcing Cell Phones to be Quiet”

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wonko (user link) says:

Silent mode

Over time, I seem to have developed a psychic connection with my pager. I have it set to a silent mode where all it does is give a quick little ‘beep’ (similar to a watch beep) and then vibrates. This is more than enough to get my attention when I’m wearing the pager.

Strangely enough, even when I’m not wearing the pager, I can hear it. Several months ago, I had a part in a play, and I was onstage in a dress rehearsal. My pager was still hooked to my pants, which were in a bag in the very back of the auditorium, behind a stack of chairs. On three separate occasions (three separate dress rehearsals) I was backstage talking to friends and suddenly, without even consciously hearing a “beep”, I had an overpowering feeling that my pager had just gone off. I went and checked, and sure enough, it had. This happened three different times. It’s downright freaky, if you ask me.

Ed says:

hardly a solution

Doctors can override the feature? What do they do, download a copy of their medical school diploma into the phone? If there’s an override, everyone will be able to use it.

How about a cell phone that can ring just loud enough to be heard over the ambient noise level? There’s already a microphone available to sense this — no fancy new technology required.

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