Free Game to Get You to Buy Nike

from the let's-try-to-get-generation-Y-into-it dept

I like the idea of supplying a good game with trendy shoes but I think that building a silly shockwave game to get people into buying Nike shoes is a little silly. After all, I’m not really going to buy a pair of shoes after playing a shockwave game that would usually bore me within a few seconds (it might even have a negative effect). Nike, don’t do it!

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Comments on “Free Game to Get You to Buy Nike”

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1 Comment
Other Ryan says:

Bad idea, bad execusion

People not involved with the gaming industry just can’t understand it. All they see is that it’s a multi-billion dollar industry (and growing) and therefor they should do some sort of tie-in. What they don’t see is that it’s hard and expensive to make a good game, and if a game sucks nobody will play it. Doing it in Shockwave just shows how far out of touch they are.

It would make a lot more sense to pick some game that’s currently in the “cd classics” phase of it’s life and bundle that, although from the tone of the article it sounds more like a 3D ‘interactive’ advertisement than an actual game.

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