Too Many Computer Science Students

from the good-news,-bad-news dept

First the good news. There are more and more students majoring in computer science these days. That means more people to fill some of these open jobs (and yes, there are plenty of open tech jobs). The bad news is that universities are having a tough time keeping up and hiring enough faculty and having enough equipment to handle the rush of students. In many cases they’re hiring professors who don’t have PhD’s and aren’t tenured to teach. I think it’s important to help people get educated in computer science, and I do think in a lot of cases that you don’t need PhD’s teaching you – but that might depend on what the students want to learn.

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Comments on “Too Many Computer Science Students”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

plenty of tech jobs.......?

I am sorry, there are jobs out there, but they only want the 3l3373, not someone like me. I am able to do alot of jobs out there, but because I am not certifed and have the 5 years of expierence [mind you ..under 50K jobs] they will not interview me. I believe the headhunters for these companies are asking too much, companies just want the ‘best’ for the least amount of pay. It won’t work.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: plenty of tech jobs.......?

Every tech company around here that I know of is looking for engineers. Most of the managers I know are more than willing to hire young engineers who don’t have the experience, but who have shown they are smart and have the ability to learn quickly on the job. However, if you’re not skilled, and it’s going to cost more to train you then to find someone else, then it’s not worth it to the company. I don’t see the problem with this, other than that some of these companies should support training programs. The fact is, companies need highly skilled, very smart engineers who can jump right in and excecute well. Those people are tough to find. It has nothing to do with finding cheap employees, because folks who can do these sorts of jobs command incredible salaries which these companies are willing to pay.

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