1-800Flowers Messes Up — Again

from the these-people-just-don't-get-it dept

800flowers.com failed to deliver gifts for over 100 people for Mother’s Day and then, to add insult to injury, they emailed these customers and exposed the customers email addresses to all the other customers emailed. Come on folks!!! There is absolutely no excuse for this type of screw up at this point. 800flowers.com is not new in the ecommerce space. Fire whoever screwed it up!

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Comments on “1-800Flowers Messes Up — Again”

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Andy says:

What a horrible attitude...

There is absolutely no excuse for this type of screw up at this point. 800flowers.com is not new in the ecommerce space. Fire whoever screwed it up!
What a great way to get you employees to fear you. Seems to me that these sorts of problems are usually not straight out incompetency, but rather symptems of a larger problem (like, lack of training, overwork, etc). If you anyone who ever makes a mistake you’re not going to have anyone working for you.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: What a horrible attitude...

This is actually funny if you know Dan and his management style (he does manage people for a fairly large well-known company). Dan does tend to get a bit carried away at times when he posts, but to some extent I stand by him. In the internet world these days people get away with doing crappy jobs all the time and no one cares because we’re all worth millions. If you are creating a business where people are paying you to perform a service and you repeatedly make huge, ridiculous mistakes, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with figuring out whose fault it is.

Jerry says:

Flower delivery screw up

As a regular user of 1-800-flowers I can say that I have had tremendous success with their delivery and products. I guess I can accept the delivery screw up because let’s face it accidents happen. I don’t think they used all their common sense that they were born with when they sent out the email. This was a big screw up. I would accept the fact that my delivery got messed up but not the fact that the names got sent to everyone.

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