Dot Com CEOs Are Shallow and Stupid

from the what-a-surprise dept

The head of Forrester Research tears apart a number of dot com CEOs in a letter today. He talks about how they have very little common business sense and are completely and totally focused on the short term. This is what I’ve been saying for 3 years now, but no one listens to me. This is why I thought the market correction (perhaps a bit too brief) was a good thing as it would send these people away quickly. However, the blame cannot entirely be pushed off on these dot com CEOs. To some extent they are forced into this pattern of thinking from two main sources: the media and investors. The media wants quick win stories and investors are so focused on liquidity and short term gains that they convince inexperienced CEOs that’s what business is all about. The real question is how people will look back on all of this five, ten, or fifty years in the future.

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