Spam Getting Worse

from the oh,-please-make-it-stop dept

If you think spam is bad now, it’s only just getting started according to this study from Forrester. Apparently they expect triple the spam next year from this year, and it only seems to increase at double a year for the next few years. Maybe at some point, someone will realize that something really needs to be done to stop all this spam. The one thing I still don’t understand is if anyone actually does sell anything via spam, and if so, who is stupid enough to believe the spam they get.

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Comments on “Spam Getting Worse”

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MrWhite (user link) says:

Spam.....what is it good for.....uh huh, nothing..

Mike, I understand…..but, it MUST work. Why would they do it?
If you have product X [from Batman(c)], and send ‘spam’ to 100,000 people [low # really] and only 10 of them respond. You spent $100 for the list, make $200 profit….then, DOH, IT WORKS! The fight with SPAM(c) will continue….forever-1 day=SpamBattle. The suits [FEDs] need to step in and do something. That won’t help either, then you have the .zl sites, out of jusisdiction for our FEDs and we [anyone w/ a mailbox] gets SPAMMED. /rant/ My solution is this. I built a box with a .org. I get ZERO Spam, if I do…I trace their IP [which I did…] and get thier info [I have friends] and call them personally. I have only had to do this once, talked to his roommate and HE knew what was going on, and screamed profanites at me. Have phun. I home sick.
Mr.White [no relation to K^3]

Todd says:

Re: Spam.....what is it good for.....uh huh, nothi

Mr White hasn’t gotten very good spam if he can accurately backtrace the ip address of the sender. Most of the spam I get is sufficiently spoofed that the “sender” is the hapless isp that left a mail server underprotected for a nanosecond. And the real sender is laughing and counting his imaginary profit from Mr. White’s conjecture. 3x the spam = 3x the reason to use spamcop.

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