Wireless World Coming Quickly – But Will it be WAP?

from the ditching-wires dept

Most people I know who follow these sorts of things, think WAP is going nowhere quickly. However, a recent study from IDC suggests that WAP is growing like crazy and will be all over the place next year. At the same time, however, a new study in Taiwan shows that users can’t stand WAP and consider it to be slow and expensive.

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Comments on “Wireless World Coming Quickly – But Will it be WAP?”

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1 Comment
Top Secret (user link) says:


“WAP” is both growing like crazy, and doomed to failure.

What is actually getting deployed is not WAP, it’s Phone.com’s proprietary stack that the WAPforum conveniently (for Phone.com) avoids telling people isn’t WAP. Phone.com wins (obviously), and the WAPforum wins because people think WAP is being deployed.

The majority of carriers don’t care about WAP. They’re deploying Phone.com now, and are going to skip WAP in favor of a IETF/W3C solution (XHTML/XML/IP) later. They’re all watching iMode and drooling.

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