95% to 98% of Dot Coms to Fail in the Next Two Years

from the bold-predictions dept

Gartner Group makes money by being bold. I’m not sure they make money by being accurate (though, they probably should). Their latest claim is that 95% to 98% of all dot comes will “fail” in the next two years. Of course, it’s not clear what they mean by “fail”. Is acquisition failure? While I do think that plenty will fail, and I’ve always said that ignoring old world economics would hurt companies, I really doubt that nearly all the dot coms will fail within the next two years. What’s extra amusing about this, is that Gartner is the firm that just a few weeks back upped everyone else’s B2B e-commerce estimates by more than double saying it was going to $7 trillion by $2004. I guess they believe they’ll only be a few companies that actually are involved in that $7 trillion.

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