Who needs to search?

from the show-me-the-path dept

At midnight tonight (GMT) Autonomy are going to make Kenjin available to the public, “what is Kenjin ?”, you ask. It’s supposed to be the answer to everyone’s internet searching dreams. It should, essentially be a search bot with better pattern recognition (based on bayesian mathematics). Unfortunately, I have a feeling search engines still have a long life ahead of them as search bots of today don’t seem that much more advanced.

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Comments on “Who needs to search?”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

Search Engines in general...........

I use actually prefer CoperNic(c)…IF i have time, most of the time it is to yahoo [for big pages], then altavista….THEN google. Search Engines in generall will NOT work unless some changes are made. ONE: Do not search Message Boards, if someone mentions an abstract idea that you are searching for….you are doomed looking through threads with NO links. TWO: Some dot.coms have a hostname fix. Arg. I search for Viper Hack [for the game] and come up with viper.hacks.thesitethatsucks.com Click here. They somehow [in realtime or before] take key words and use it in their domain..linking to ADs and gar-bage. THREE: To make it easier for me…search for products…ONLY on .coms. No /~username….I don’t want to see some 7th grader selling stuff on geocities…..

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