And now, the Oscar for best pirated film goes to….

from the Move-MP3 dept

CNET finally got around to covering DivX, which is a format for transferring video at MP3-like quality. Seamus McAteer, an analyst for Jupiter Communications, made some over-reaching statement about how DivX will not have the mass consumer appeal that MP3 has because of the size of a file is so large. I think he is HORRIBLY mistaken. Your thoughts?

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Comments on “And now, the Oscar for best pirated film goes to….”

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1 Comment
Why do you even bother? says:

No Subject Given

1) Who cares what the morons at c|net think
2) Who cares what the morons of the movie industry think

Nobody’s gonna stop us, and it’s not like we’re tearing apart the industries either, case in point, the RIAA made _more_ money this year.

Nobody’s gonna stop buying records cuz of mp3, and nobody’s gonna stop going to the theatre cuz of vcds/divx.

Here’s why:
A) TS/CAM are pure shit.
B) DVD’s come out too damn late, so dvdrips (and all divx rips are from dvd sources) come out when you’ve already seen the movie.
C) Most release groups have no clue how to properly rip anything, take a look at THCiSO, all their releases are pure crap, barely watchable.
D) To be honest, i’d much rather buy the tape (or DVD) and keep it for storage, than waste a blank or two on a vcd.

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