Disney treads in dangerous waters

from the I-like-previews,-but-give-me-a-break dept

Disney is forcing owners of the Tarzan DVD to sit through minutes of previews with no way to skip them. As a Disney shareholder, I’m all for the marketing technique. As a consumer, however, there is no excuse for this type of behavior. If I can skip the previews on a VHS tape, I should be able to skip them on a DVD.

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Comments on “Disney treads in dangerous waters”

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Mr.White (user link) says:


Disney sux. They *were* cool, aladin, little mermaids [do they clean?].
Any wayz…..
You can fast forward…..true, but 4 mins of commercials, that is 240 seconds….at 4x speed, that is still 60 seconds of commercials going buy w/o audio. ….arg. No thx. I have not yet seen it….and now I dont want to. FBI is cool, they let me live. :] and I have memorized their warning…. [if you have a cool dvd that does 8x…that is 30 secs of ‘frames’. bummer]

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