Dealing with Personal Spam

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I get these sorts of emails all the time. Emails from friends who are working at (or with) a startup pitching the product to me. I was never as bothered as the author of this article, but I do find it interesting. People feel comfortable spamming their friends. While the thinking may be opportunistic (as the author of the article implies) I do think that generally the people really are proud of what they’ve accomplished and are trying to get that across to people they know.

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Comments on “Dealing with Personal Spam”

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1 Comment
Ryan (profile) says:

I don't mind

I have to admit that I don’t mind recieving these types of personal “spams” because not only are they interesting because you know the person but I sort of like the fact that they’re trying to publicise it. I’ll usually have a look at it and if its interesting I might join or become a regular viewer. After all, you never know when the roles might be reversed and you might need some help to publicise something!

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