Business Week Discovers B2B

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Business Week is definitely a great magazine, but sometimes I wonder about what they publish. Every once in a while they publish an article that seems like a “duh!” article. One that everyone else has been talking about for months, and if you didn’t know about it already then you’ve obviously been off in the wilderness somewhere. Now, they’ve done that with the idea of B2B Internet companies. It might make sense if they took a new perspective on it, but they don’t. They talk about it as if it’s just been discovered.

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Comments on “Business Week Discovers B2B”

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mike c (user link) says:


Business Week is business news for the masses. It serves and important function as it keeps the general business public aware and educates them so they will understand what is coming down the pipe after it has already started down the pipe. Geoffrey A. Moore, author of “Inside the Tornado” and “Crossing the Chasm” would say its for pragmatists. It helps create the tornado.

People who read business week create demand. Look at how the magazine has influenced MBA education. Some of them have money, and a lot of it. This article will help create demand for B2B stocks, for a lot of these people with money will think they are getting into something new, at the early stages. This is good.

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