Stopping Speeding Cars Via Satellite

from the taking-all-the-fun-out-of-driving dept

A scary report out of the UK that they’re thinking of installing devices on cars that will track them via GPS, and if they are seen to be speeding, will slow them down automatically. Yes, I think there are a thousand or so problems with this concept, but it wil be interesting to watch what happens.

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Comments on “Stopping Speeding Cars Via Satellite”

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pravin says:

Managing morons

i agree the need to acccelerate while overtaking n then realising ur pulp cos the system shuts ur speed via satellite.. is a bit too much.

However why cant we have something like, a small gps/satallite tracking unit which feeds car info every 5 – 10 secs to the traffic unit. Everytime you cross over the speed limit it is recorded and goes into your “file” database wotever .

when you do go to register your carr, all the info is up and the traffic coppers can take the necessary action/place fines/take the vehicle off u.

i mean if info like this can be stored n transmitted or even kept in a small mem in the device in your car, then it wud definately eas the traffic speeding issues as well as make certain we pay up for the fines, which should be very high.


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