Larry's Microsoft Vision

from the split-'em-up-in-clones dept

A while back, Larry Ellison suggested that Microsoft be split up, not along product lines, but in 3 equal “clones” and let them compete against each other. I thought that was pretty interesting. And now, someone over at Wired has written up a scenario a few years into the future of what the world might look like if Larry’s wish came true.

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Comments on “Larry's Microsoft Vision”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Larry is no saint.

Did you catch Larry at Comdex where he said that ‘best of breed isn’t’ and THEN argued that you should buy your tools from one vendor, so you can have good intergration.

Doesn’t this sound like Micro$oft’s argument for buying Office and Windows?

I’d turn my back to Larry no sonner than I’d turn it to Steve Jobs OR William Gates III.

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