FBI Causes Problems for Web Hoster

from the free-speech-craziness dept

The FBI asked a one-man hosting company to remove a video from its servers. The one man complied as he couldn’t afford the legal costs that might have come otherwise. And, now he’s running into all sorts of problems as privacy advocates are ripping his head off. For a story of privacy advocates gone insane click the above. While the FBI was originally at fault in this case, the privacy advocates came down a bit too strongly without knowing the facts; a problem that happens way too often on the web.

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Comments on “FBI Causes Problems for Web Hoster”

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Jon Acheson says:

Tough case...

On the one hand, I tend to agree with the privacy advocates, in that he should not have taken down the site until he had some kind of proof that there was a legitimate reason to do so. He had an obligation to his client to act fairly on their behalf, and instead he panicked and blew it.

On the other hand, the damage was fairly small, since he put the site up again after he found out what the facts of the matter were, and his client wasn’t too upset about it. Though, if his client had been a touchy political organization, there would have been all hell to pay, and he would definately have been out one client, and maybe out of business.

I agree that the overall villian was definately the FBI. That they’re doing this kind of shit with seeming impunity is absolutely chilling. I’d like to see the press pick this one up and send it to the masses. I mean, what if a publisher decided not to publish say THE SATANIC VERSES because an FBI agant lied to them and told them their corporation’s board of trustees had already voted against it? It would be a headline event. I definately want to find out the name of the FBI agent(s) who did this, and frankly I want to read about pink slips.


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