Cool Phone Device

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Michael Suprina writes “I dunno what the deal is with this company , but check out what I found from a friends email. Do you know anything about this device? If or when it will be available? Do you know what WIT is?Thanks.” I hadn’t seen this either, but among the wireless junkies (yeah, you know who you are) who read this site, maybe one of them knows about it. If it’s real, and it works, it looks pretty damn impressive (and at a good price), and boy is it ever buzzword compliant.

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Comments on “Cool Phone Device”

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Joshua Lancaster (user link) says:

cool phone device

i actually saw a prototype at a trade show a few months ago and the camera stuff worked, they were called it ‘wireless image transfer’ which i think is what WIT is obviously, i think there are some other phone companies and digital camera manufacturers supporting the protocol but i dont remember which ones, im not sure about the battery lifetime either but it was without the color palm stuff i know that. the guy running the demo, john bare i think was pretty smart and cool. he said he was looking at mid 2000 for a production run but said his company is focusing more on the WIT stuff.


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