It isn't rocket science

from the Buy-more-servers dept

It continues to baffle me that the traditional brick and mortar retailers just can’t seem to get it done right. Toys ‘R Us has had a site plagued with problems. Today, they claim the site has too much traffic, which is why you can’t get in to take advantage of their free shipping offer. Come on folks, hire some good people, buy some more servers, do whatever you have to do. It isn’t rocket science!

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Comments on “It isn't rocket science”

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1 Comment
Mike (user link) says:

With no Newton Inc and the Newton engineers

Hey, I agree with you. Just for the record, I clearly said that Microsoft was losing against Palm devices. I never said that CE was going away, and I don’t expect it to at all. But in that one market, it seems to me that they failed big time. They have been known to come back from things like that, though. However, having a number of OEMs stop making CE devices is not a good sign at all.

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