Apple to build stores?

from the this-may-actually-be-a-good-idea dept

Rumors are circulating that Apple may be looking into opening their own Apple stores throughout the country, much like Gateway has done with their Gateway Stores. I actually think this might be a smart move for Apple, given that no matter how much they pay a CompUSA or other retailer, the sales people are still going to be pushing non-Apple PCs. This will give Apple the opportunity to staff the stores with true Mac users, and let potential customers demo the machines in a more friendly environment.

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Comments on “Apple to build stores?”

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1 Comment
Joe Mahoney (user link) says:

opposite in NZ

Apple only uses resellers in NZ and until recently you couldn’t buy apple computers in normal retail chain stores. With the introduction of the iMac, one big retailer, Harrvey Norman, started selling Macs. Now they have a big ol’ G4 and a couple of iBooks in pride of place on the shelves and are pretty good at promoting the apple stuff.

HN are basically consumer focused rather than business and Apple products seem to fit their target market better.

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