Bank of America to Block All Non-Customers from Using ATMs

from the silly-corporate-policies dept

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you might already be sick of hearing about the whole ATM surcharge dispute going on, but this latest move by BofA was particularly interesting. Last week, voters in San Francisco voted to stop allowing banks to charge a surcharge for use of ATMs by non-customers. The banks reacted very angrily, and now BofA had decided to not allow any non-cutomer to use it’s ATMs at all. Seems a bit drastic. I’ll admit, since the surcharges started, I’ve always thought it was a bad move, and that a bank would be better off advertising its surcharge-less ATMs (as some credit unions do) but to block out all non-customers seems petty. I understand the business reasons, but it still doesn’t make BofA look very good.

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Comments on “Bank of America to Block All Non-Customers from Using ATMs”

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1 Comment
Wonko (user link) says:

Shameless plug...

I bank with USAA, a very wonderful bank based in San Antonio, Texas that actually reimburses me for all my ATM surcharges up to a certain amount every month, for no reason other than they think it’s a nice thing to do. I’ve received nothing but coolness from USAA, and I highly recommend them.

I also have an account at a local Bank of America branch, merely for convenience (this way I don’t have to mail my deposits to Texas every payday). I’m much less satisfied with BofA…they actually charge me $1.25 ON TOP of the $1.50 surcharge for using other peoples’ ATMs. It’s insane. Argh.

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