MS Decision Analysis

from the it's-all-wrong dept

Here’s Jerry Pournelle’s analysis of the Microsoft decision. I tend to disagree with a lot of Pournelle’s opinions, but this article is very thorough and makes a lot of good points.

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Comments on “MS Decision Analysis”

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1 Comment
Joe Mahoney (user link) says:

Jerry's right but there's more to it than OS/2, Ma

Jerry covers a lot of ground in his article. He puts the death of OS/2 in it’s proper perspective – no developers, no apps. Same with the Mac.

IMHO, Netscape didn’t concentrate on their crown jewels enough. They stopped making the browser the number one priority and got bogged down with Netcaster and server software. As a company they grew too big, too quickly. MS didn’t help by offering IE for free, but it wasn’t the big hinderance. And it was possible to have Netscape as the default browser on a Win98 machine.

But I believe MS have been abusive. Their dealings with OEMs like Compaq, Dell, and hundreds of smaller companies made it uneconomical to put other OSes on PCs. Why bother to load OS/2 when you have to put on Windows anyway?

It’s that kind of behaviour, the details of which we haven’t really seen that MS should be stopped from doing. Perhaps the results of this trial will see that happen.

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