Auctioning Beautiful Children?

from the scary dept

First off, I’m not sure if this is real or not, and has enough question marks that it might not be, but then again, these days you never know. Apparently, a famous fashion photographer is auctioning off the right to fertilize eggs taken from some of the models he works with. So, if the female half of a couple is infertile, and wants to increase the chances of having a good looking child, they can get half the genes from a model. Yes, this is scary.

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Comments on “Auctioning Beautiful Children?”

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Todd (profile) says:

No Subject Given

Tough to put the genie back in the bottle… Of course, sperm banks have marketed to college students for years — I’m sure you all have seen ads in your college newspapers. They’ve then marketed those “smart sperm” to clients. This is just another characteristic and another marketplace. Granted it may be distasteful to some/many/all, but try to draw the line between an infertile couple who want to buy the smartest sperm they can get and a vain couple who want really pretty babies and you’ll put doctors, lawyers and judges in the middle for years.

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