Music Industry Taking Itself Way Too Seriously

from the get-over-it-already dept

This Christmas was supposed to be the season of a whole new slew of portable MP3 devices that would be SDMI compliant. As usual, this process isn’t moving as quickly as it could be. When will the RIAA and the rest of the industry get it? Bogging down the growth of this market with regulation is in no one’s long term interests.

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Comments on “Music Industry Taking Itself Way Too Seriously”

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1 Comment
Jamez says:

This is a pretty dumb debate

I personally don’t give a rat’s ass what the RIAA wants or doesn’t want in the way of regulation and it won’t effect me one way or the other. MP3s have already paved the way for acceptable sounding, copyable, rippable, “free” music and it’s not going to get any worse. There used to be a time when musicians derived most of their income from performing and recording was secondary. It sounds like we’re cutting out the middle man and he’s screaming foul play. Forget the middle man; it leaves more cash in my pocket. As for the musicians, what do they spend their mountians of loot on? Coke, and not the kind you drink. It sounds like free recordings might ensure that the musicians making tons of money (off of concerts) will actually be talented!

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