Free Domain Names

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Well, well, well, it had to happen sooner or later. There are free PCs supported by advertising, free ISPs supported by advertising, free webpages supported by advertising, and now you can get your very own dot-com domain for free supported by advertising. Not really sure how this will fly, but I’m sure there will be a fair number of takers.

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Comments on “Free Domain Names”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: free domain

oooh… that’s an important fine point. I didn’t notice that at first. In fact, I was wondering how they kept people from registering it through them and then switching it so it had nothing to do with the company whatsoever. I guess taking ownership is the only way to guarantee they won’t move it. But still… that’s a big price to pay.

Bobby Joe says:

Re: this is stupid

As if not enough of the possible names for domains aren’t taken up already, this is going to make it even worse… Plus, if it’s technically “their property,” who would want to deal with that? A domain name is less than 100 dollars a year anyways, it’s not like thats a whole lot of money.

Leandra says:

Re: free domain

If the company actually owns the domain name, what rights are given to you? I mean if they are actually in ownership of the name they purchase for you, do you still get to control the site? And if a company offers you the opportunity to get a free domain name and free web hosting, do you think that you would be charged to change anything? Because that’s how some company’s get you. They offer a really low price for web hosting, but if and when you need to make changes, they’ll charge you maybe up to $500 a page to make them. Do you think that that would be the same case for free domain names AND free web hosting?

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