The Story of Evite

from the why-startups-are-cool dept

If you’re living in the Valley these days it’s very hard to not have heard about Now Salon has a whole article about why evite is cool. I’m not sure I agree with the the article, which basically says evite is cool because it’s a startup. Evite has done a fairly successful job making their product cool and useful and well known quickly. There are plenty of other startups out there that don’t have the same coolness factor as evite.

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Comments on “The Story of Evite”

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Lark says:

the point is, any start up is cool

I think what the article is really saying is that startups are the in thing in the valley these days. It focuses on eVite as an example of how it’s cool to be part of the startup scene, how people get caught up in the excitement of creating a company from scratch, and how that is becoming hip.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: the point is, any start up is cool

I guess that may have been the point of the article, but I don’t think it holds. I think maybe to folks outside of the startup world, most any startup is cool, but there is definitely a pecking order of coolness inside startups. Evite is considered pretty cool even within many startups, and I was wondering what made that so, whereas plenty of other startups don’t have the same “cool” factor.

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