Trouble with MP3s

from the how-not-to-do-it dept

These are the type of articles I love. A reporter for Fortune writes about his (admittedly bad) experiences trying to find an MP3 file on the internet and concludes the whole downloadable music/MP3 concept is overhype. I really enjoy how these folks think beyond the simple task that they’re trying to accomplish and decide that an entire concept is a dud due to one simple point of failure.

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Comments on “Trouble with MP3s”

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Sean Hammons says:

This guys an idiot

Yah, I agree that mp3’s have gotten a lot harder in the past 6 months to find, if you’re trying to pirate, but he makes it sound like much harder than it is. Besides, anyone who knows anything would generally use hotline, not the web, to find pirated music, or software if desired.

mp3’s aren’t all about piracy anyway. Almost every single CD that i own, i have encoded. This makes for the awesome 70 hour playlist I have, which is a great thing that no CD player could ever offer. And I’m sure there’s lots of people who have many more mp3’s than I do.

Todd (profile) says:

Re: This guys an idiot

I agree, Mike, the reporters’ bias is: hey, I’m a high-tech guy, if I can’t figure it out, it must be impossible for the average guy and likely to be a dud for everyone. EARTH TO REPORTERS — YOU ARE DINOSAURS. MOST 3RD GRADERS KNOW MORE ABOUT THE NET. SOLEDAD O’BRIEN, THIS INCLUDES YOU, TOO.

Sean, my 300 disc player can play for about 400 hours…

mgallagher says:

The MP3 experience

Ok so this guy doesn’t have a clue when it comes to getting free MP3s. You can’t really suppose that his experience is unique either, which really get to the point of the article: That MP3s are going to change everything from your underwear to copyright law is, well, a bit of an overstatement.

CD are easy consumer product, you buy one more or less the same way you buy a candy bar, bring it home, and then all you really need to know is how to push the “eject” and “play” buttons.

Sean H. really hits this on the head when he writes “anyone who knows anything would generally use hotline”. Precisely, true, ground shaking, mass market, change the world products don’t usually require people to anything too special to use them.

MP3 will get easier to find/get/use over time, but until then, this guy probably should keep buying CDs.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: The MP3 experience

My point in complaining about the article wasn’t that people should be able to figure out how to use this stuff… they shouldn’t be expected to. My point was that MP3 means a lot more than just being able to download any music you want for free. That’s what’s scary to the record industry. Whole new models of doing business. This guy goes and assumes since he can’t figure out how to download one song he wants, that there’s no possibility for MP3’s *anywhere*. The fact is, MP3 or something like it certainly has the potential to change the industry in MANY ways, and just because the guy can’t find one song doesn’t mean it’s a dud.

dave says:


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