Threatening to Blow up Microsoft and IBM for Fun and for Profit

from the ultra-new-business-models dept

Here’s a way to raise some money: threaten to blow up IBM and Microsoft unless they give you $5 million. It probably involves less strings than raising money from a VC and is less difficult than successfully day trading your way to millions. However, downsides include getting arrested, spending long periods of time in jail, and never actually getting the money.

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Comments on “Threatening to Blow up Microsoft and IBM for Fun and for Profit”

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bart says:

feeding morons

No one could argue that this guy is all that bright. My qeustion is will the penalty fit the crime. Life in prison is an option in this case. I really feel that this guy is a harmless crank who could not follow up on his threats even if he had military support. I do not know about anyone else but I do not want my tax dollars spent on feeding, clothing and housing this buffoon in a federal prison.

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