Netscape Browser Losing More Ground

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The Industry Standard seems shocked that Netscape continues to lose ground to Microsoft IE. Of course, the fact that Netscape has done practically nothing to support its browser business might have something to do with this. They haven’t released a new version or any major improvements in ages. They haven’t done anything to improve their distribution. If anything, it seems as though they completely gave up when they sold to AOL. To me, that’s ridiculous. They still had great market share, and certainly could have done a lot, but to them, since they saw themselves losing the battle, they just gave up.

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Comments on “Netscape Browser Losing More Ground”

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1 Comment
Mark Baker (profile) says:

Natural monopoly?

At what point do you think it becomes worth it for content developers and authoring tool vendors to stop testing against Navigator and go for IE-only?

And then how long after that until I, as a browser developer, have to start paying MS for source licenses to IE so I can figure out how to render & process all the extensions that are being used? And what’s the chance they’ll let me have it given that I write a Java browser?

I *really* hope somebody’s got an answer for this, because I sure don’t.


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