FreeNet a Y2K Victim

from the nostalgia dept

Thought this was interesting for nostalgia purposes. FreeNet, which was very big in the Cleveland area, and quite well known is shutting down because they are not Y2K ready and have no plans to upgrade or change. That’s too bad. I remember knowing people who used FreeNet and thinking what a great service it was.

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Comments on “FreeNet a Y2K Victim”

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1 Comment
Dennis says:

sad, sad, day.

This news pains me extremely. I grew up in Cleveland, and I first logged onto the Cleveland Free-Net way in fifth grade back in 1985.
Though the Free-Net never made it out of the text based age, I still logged on every once in awhile, just for fun.

Maybe they can just set the clock back to the glory days in the eighties.

I’m sad. Very sad.

For those of you who never have witnessed the pleasure of the ASCII Cleveland Skyline, Look Here.
Wonderful, eh?

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