More Whining About Deep Linking

from the get-over-it-and-do-something dept

Wired is running an interesting article discussing the “problems” associated with deep-linking. I think the people who are complaining are, frankly, whining too much. I understand the issue of paying for the bandwidth, but complaining that it’s not “right” doesn’t do anything to change it. If you want to block out other servers from accessing you there are ways to use the technology to do that. Just do that, and calm down. If you leave it open to linking, then don’t complain when people link to you. The point of the web is that everything is supposed to be hyperlinked together. Be happy about it.

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Comments on “More Whining About Deep Linking”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Copyright

I’m not sure why you consider it republishing. All it is, is sending traffic to that server. It’s all I do when I announce articles here on Techdirt. The whole point of the web is that it can all be linked together however one chooses to make those links. If I can only link to the front of a website, I’m not being very useful. What if for every story I post, I can only post straight to or I’ll admit, if I copied the material and posted it on my own page, then you might have an argument, but to just link? I don’t think so.

Vincent W. Yin says:

Re: Re: Copyright

Well, the way you present news is to give a little summary snippet with the link. To me, that’s fair use. But the article made it seem as though people were linking directly to audio streams without even giving credit.

From the end user perspective, if I follow a link that Techdirt gives, I am taken to the news source’s site where the content is presented to me. I do not get the content free from it’s surrounding framework as it were. However, when it comes to files or streams then a link essentially sends raw content to the user. I think it would be better for other sites to link to a page on Xaudio (or whatever it was called) where the music is offered for streaming/download instead of linking directly to the stream/files themselves.

I think that’s a meaningful difference don’t you?

P.S. Mike, how hard is it to add a “submit” button to the preview screen? I would like to see that if it isn’t too difficult to do.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Copyright

Okay, that’s a good point. However, it is still the type of thing that’s easy enough to do on the server side (block out any requests from a different server) and probably not worth whining about.

As for the submit button… yes, yes, we should do that. It’s something that has been requested before, and we keep meaning to add it, and we should. And, we will… soon…

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