A new type of portal?

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VerticalOne is going to launch a serivice that will bring all your personalized services to one site. Their service will allow you to check you online bank account, trading account, and anything else in one place. I like the idea, but what about security? Right now having to login on multiple sites requires that I have multiple logins and passwords. This is more secure than having one login and password that controls everything.

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Comments on “A new type of portal?”

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1 Comment
Dennis says:

multiple logons?

While having a different password to each account is a prudent security idea, how many of us actually adhere to it? Honestly, with so many logons to all of the “personalized” sites out there, most of them have the same password.. I try to keep the important ones secure, but it’s just too big of a hassle..

I know of too many people that have the same password for their computer accounts, their ATM cards, and whatever else they’ve got..

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