Palm Introduces IIIe Model

from the backfill-the-product-line dept

Palm introduced a new model for the low-end of their range: the Palm IIIe. Basically the capabilities of the III but the enhanced screen of the IIIx/5. Palm lists it at $229.

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Comments on “Palm Introduces IIIe Model”

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Jon Acheson says:

Interesting, but...

It’s basically a Palm III with the new screen, which is not a bad thing, but it’s really not very different from the IIIx. Hell, apart from the silkscreened logo, I’m not sure if I’d even NOTICE the difference.

I’ve been hoping for something a little more radical, with a REALLY low price point ($125 or so), and more of a Gameboy attitude. Wire up the highschoolers!

Other big new release: a USB hotsync cradle, which should make for a faster backup and better buzzword compliancy.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Gameboy attitude

I agree on this. I’m actually really surprised that Palm hasn’t gone after the kid market more strongly, or done anything really to make the Palm a little cooler. It’s definitely cool, and has the “hip” factor, but they could go more into iMac like, funky design or something along those lines, and they could really hit on something.

Jon Acheson says:

Re: Re: Well, they did do "Executive" chic

The Palm V is the executive version of the Pilot, as opposed to the plasticky looking Pilots and Palm III, which have more of a geek chic cachet.

There have been rumors of an iMac Palm device from Apple, but so far these have only been rumors.

Hip has to go with inexpensive, though, or I don’t think it will fly. Together, they seem to be a powerful incentive to get buyers to buy in.

The USB cradle will also make the Palms easier to install: just plug it in and let the OS find it. Serial ports can sometimes require knowhow, especially when there’s also a modem in the box.


(I can’t believe I used “cachet” in a sentence.)

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