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from the extension!--I-don't-need-no-friggin-extension! dept is finally live. They plan to do to unified messaging what Hotmail did to email. One problem, I just signed up and got my voicemail/fax number. It has an extension instead of being a direct dial number. To me, that makes the fax service totally useless. I’m not going to give out special instructions to have people send me faxes. So the only other benefit is the voicemail. But what can I do with a voicemail account that is not connected to my phone number? I guess you get what you pay for.

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Comments on “ in beta”

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Dennis says:

busy busy busy

Yup.. I got my onebox yesterday, and after a whole day of “sorry, your call cannot be completed”, I finally got in this morning.. The extension thing sure is annoying, and my callers are greeted with “You have reached the subscriber’s OneBox” (with no obvious way of changing the greeting… grumble grumble). Anyway, it’s an awesome concept, but I’m not sure if I’ll use it — my eFax number is neato too, but I rarely get a fax anyway..

gabonj says:

onebox - new beta release

onebox forced users of their email product into using their new beta release w/o first testing it across all browsers – it doesnt work with Safari or Firefox…takes forever to load; you cannot access / respond to messages…when you revert to the “classic” look it now has a split screen that cannot be removed….support is non existent beyong messages “we are working on the problem”…the product STINKS and the support STINKS

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