Problems With @Home

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I’ve always thought in the long run that xDSL would beat out cable modems. I’ve had the list of reasons ready for anyone who asks, but one of the main reasons was simply the nature of the shared network. The more people who use cable, the slower your connection gets. Obviously, it’s a great deal for early adopters, but the service is only going to get worse, which is not the best way to keep your early adopters happy. @Home is now trying to deal with this issue and it is making plenty of customers unhappy. Apparently they have capped the upstream bandwidth limit, and are planning to make users pay extra to get the level of service they were used to before. I certainly see where they are coming from, but it seems like a pretty good way to piss off your early adopters.

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Comments on “Problems With @Home”

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Jon Acheson says:

They're reaping what they sowed.

The problem with @Home is that, like every other cable modem outfit I’ve ever heard of, they flat out LIED when they first advertised their service. They promised everyone the maximum possible bandwidth, which they KNEW they wouldn’t get when the lines were fully loaded. Everyone is basically sharing one long loop of fiber, and the traffic just piles up.

The other problem about relying on the cable companies for your internet is that cable companies are cheap (They make McDonald’s look like Mission Control). When it comes to spending money to ensure the quality of your service, chances are they won’t. They’ll just wait until something breaks, then fix it when someone complains.

You’ll get way better support from the telcos, especially in terms of preventative maintenance.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: More Lies

Oh, I have no problem complaining about @Home and their lies. We’ve been told twice now about how @Home was available in our neck of the woods (including one time where they actually came and put a little door knob hanger thingy telling us it was available – so obviously they knew where we were). Of course, when we called in to check about pricing and all that they told us we were crazy because @Home is not available in our neighborhood.

Todd (profile) says:

Re: Re: More Lies

Don’t let that discourage you from getting the service if you are so inclined — the same thing happened to my father-in-law, and he just kept calling back explaining that it was available in his area to each new cust svc rep he talked to. Eventually, he got someone to just put the order in (despite the system that said it wasn’t possible). He had service 2 days later. GOOD LUCK!

George Leidolf says:

Cable modems

I’ve been a subscriber to MediaOne’s Express for a year and a half now, I’ve been overall very happy with it. But I really don’t expect much in technical support, as long as the connection is good. I only want the bandwidth, not any extra “content” they might provide.

I do see some slowdowns from time to time, but it’s still extremely fast compared to dial-up. When DSL comes into my area, I’ll probably take a look at it, but from what I’ve seen, it is going to cost more.

– George

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