Car Makers Offer Satellite Radio

from the like-cable-for-your-car dept

I first heard about this several months ago, but now apparently, some of the big car makers are going to support new satellite radio schemes in cars that they sell. It’s an interesting concept: you pay about $10 a month and get CD quality radio beamed to your car with no commercials. Part of me thinks it’s actually pretty cool (this from someone who never listens to the radio), while part of me thinks it’s destined to fail. Both might be true.

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Comments on “Car Makers Offer Satellite Radio”

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1 Comment
Dennis (user link) says:

I love it I love it.

Oooo.. I think this is a great idea.. I’m really getting sick of the same old radio, and I’m too lazy to ever change the cds in my changer.. the only problem is that even with 100+ channels on cable TV, you still can’t seem to ever find anything good to watch.

In my ideal world, there’d be only one radio station, and it’d know exactly what I wanted to hear at that exact moment… which brings me to another point, with all of this nifty one-to-one streaming media, why hasn’t anyone figured out how to just send me what i want?

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