The Springfield Project Reveals New Name, Strategy

from the baby-steps dept

The Springfield Project, the company who garnered a ton of media attention by not telling anyone what they were doing, and who, in turn, got a huge “that’s all?” from people when they revealed the big secret, has finally changed its name. According to this article, they are now BigStep. They also revealed their strategy, which was a big question. Apparently, the greatness of their deal is (drum roll, please) they’re going to be the low cost provider. That’s right. Go back to sleep. They’re going to compete on price. Now, there’s a winning strategy on the internet if I ever saw one. Anyone want to take bets on how big a flame out this might turn into? They might be able to do it, because they do have smart people, and they’ve had good PR so far, but competing on price really doesn’t get you that far.

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