Cable Pirates Indicted

from the big-scams dept

The biggest cable piracy scam group in the world, according to prosecutors, was indicted the other day. The story is fairly interesting, in that they imported cable boxes and descramblers, and then hid the money through various money laundering techniques. What I found interesting, however, is the defense they seem to be planning. It’s not clear, but they do mention pitching that they were “fighting the cable monopolies” and that this is a “complex area of communications law”. Time to get a new lawyer.

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Comments on “Cable Pirates Indicted”

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1 Comment
Todd Curry (profile) says:

love emphasis: biggest in world

$80M of fraud over 8 years, so $10M a year when TCI’s revenue is ~$2B/year. Hmmmm, they make a lot of noise about how much cable fraud costs them (ads running all the time), and they certainly enjoy hanging those they catch (this group and the previous post re: comcast @home cable “theft”), but if this is the biggest pirate out there, I doubt many in the software industry would lend a sympathetic ear…

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