Deals of the Week: March 22 – 26

from the Deals dept

Each week, some of us at Techdirt will give the quick thumbs up/thumbs down opinion on a number of high tech “deals” that happened that week. This week we cover the following deals:
CNet – KillerApp
Comcast – MediaOne
VA Research – Electric Lichen
Ericsson – Qualcomm

CNet - Killer App
Mike:Thumbs Down
Last minute decision to go thumbs down. While I see the overall value of comparison shopping, I still don't necessarily see the business model, or the reason for spending $50 million on something that could probably be built internally for less.

Prash:Thumbs Up
CNET gets consumer electronics data for comparison shopping data.

Comcast - Media One
Mike:Thumbs Down
I hope they really plan to get economies of scale out of this one, because those are two very large companies to integrate, without very much overlapping business to make more efficient. Also, the perpetual insisting that Road Runner and @Home are not going to merge takes out the idea that this really is a broadband play, as the mass media keeps suggesting.

Prash:Thumbs Down
I understand why they would want to merge, but I don't see the benefit to their customers.

VA Research - Electric Lichen
MikeThumbs Up
The brewing war for the Linux portal is on and getting stronger. VA Research takes another step in the race against Red Hat as they scoop up this consulting firm with a ton of Linux expertise.

PrashThumbs Up
Another deal that will make Linux a viable mainstream alternative to Windows NT/9x.

Ericsson - Qualcomm
Mike:Thumbs up
Thank goodness for agreement on standards. Stop arguing and start building better phones that work anywhere with any system.

Prash:Thumbs Up
Deal should facilitate CDMA roll out, plus it gives Ericsson the ammo it needs to combat Nokia in the mobile phone market.

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