Naming a Company

from the crazy-methods dept

Fortune is writing about how companies choose names. Interesting stuff. My first complaint, though, is that they have the order wrong. Trust me, you check the domain name way before you do the trademark search. Also mentioned in the article is, which is a site that will check the trademark, patent, and internic (assuming it still exists) databases for you. Pretty cool, though I’d wonder if they didn’t store all the searches for their own use.

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Comments on “Naming a Company”

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1 Comment
Dennis (user link) says:

love the service..

Since the Internic whois query is a constant hobby of mine (whenever I see a neat word.. I sadly wonder if its .com is taken…) this namestorm thing is just wonderful, though I’m kind of annoyed that someone did finally take — my intended domain for my olefactory streaming company..

At least my first choice, is still available, maybe I should just fork over the $70 and get that just in case…


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