Thinking Computers

from the as-if-the-biggest-problem-will-be--how-to-deal-with-lawyers dept

Fairly interesting book review of The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence in the NY Law Journal. Interesting in that it takes the legal perspective of such a problem. One note of interest: the review claims the book points out an extrapolation on Moore’s Law suggesting that computers will be as “smart” as humans in 2019. Besides the obvious problem of how do you define “smart” and “thinking ability” beyond processing power, if I remember correctly (and it’s been a little while since I studied this stuff) Moore’s law becomes physically impossible somewhere around 2017. I’m pretty sure it’s before that 2019 date. Oh well. Even so, the review raises some interesting issues. updated: The obligatory link to Amazon so if you want to buy the book you can, and make sure a little bit goes back to your friends at Techdirt for running this page. 🙂

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