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13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 371: AI Is Going To Change More Than You Realize (0)
11:55 Elon Musk’s Latest Round Of Bigoted Tweets Likely Cost ExTwitter $75 Million Over The Rest Of 2023 (66)
10:48 NYPD Moves Towards Encrypting Radio Transmissions After Years Of Decrying Encryption Use By The General Public (12)
10:43 Daily Deal: The Complete 2024 CompTIA Certification Training Super Bundle by IDUNOVA (0)
09:35 Meta Joins Google In Turning Its Back On The Open Web, And Embracing Unconstitutional Mandates That Pretend To ‘Protect The Children’ (22)
05:30 FCC Moves Slowly To Update Definition Of Broadband To Something Still Pathetic (21)
19:40 Fifth Circuit Says Siccing A Police Dog On A Suicidal Person Is Excessive Force, Still Grants Immunity To Officer (65)
13:30 Dear Marin County Board of Supervisors: Reject The Sheriff’s Proposal To Install License Plate Cameras In The County (36)
12:01 Republicans Want To Block Broadband Funding To Schools That Refuse To Implement Easily Bypassed TikTok Bans (26)
10:49 Facial Recognition Tech Is Encouraging Cops To Ignore The Best Suspects In Favor Of The *Easiest* Suspects (3)
10:44 Daily Deal: The Award-Winning Luminar Neo Bundle (0)
09:36 Elon’s Censorial Lawsuit Against Media Matters Inspiring Many More People To Find ExTwitter Ads On Awful Content (113)
05:31 California Activists Say State Isn't Being Transparent About How Billions In Broadband Subsidies Are Being Spent (18)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (9)
11:57 This Week In Techdirt History: November 19th - 25th (0)
19:39 Copyright Bot Can't Tell The Difference Between Star Trek Ship And Adult Film Actress (38)
15:39 FCC Reveals Some Vague Rules That Pretend To Tackle SIM Hijacking Fraud (19)
13:34 Once Again, DOJ Fails To Convict Backpage Boss Of Sex Trafficking Or Prostitution (73)
11:59 Italy Wants To Save Its Children, Too (31)
10:44 Journalist Wins Defamation Suit Brought By Someone Who Didn't Like Actual Facts Being Reported (12)
10:41 Daily Deal: HomeSpot Rugged Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (0)
09:25 Can We Stop The Moral Panic Yet? New Study: Children’s Brains Are Not Harmed By Screen Time (23)
05:20 Nikki Haley Reinvigorates The GOP's Breathless TikTok Hysteria... For The Children (31)
19:32 Illinois City Decides To Blow Tax Dollars On Operating A Storefront For Private Security Camera Company (9)
15:30 'Max' Unsurprisingly Loses Streaming Customers After Several Years Of The Dumbest Decisions Imaginable (26)
13:28 Florida's Anti-Drag Law Loses The Big One: Supreme Court Says Block On Unconstitutional Law Can Remain In Place (31)
11:58 Privacy Activist Files Complaint Against The EU Commission Over Its Highly Targeted (Misleading) Ads About CSAM Scanning (3)
10:43 FBI Director Admits Agency Rarely Has Probable Cause When It Performs Backdoor Searches Of NSA Collections (9)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Advanced Cyber Security Bundle (0)
09:27 Congrats To Elon Musk: I Didn’t Think You Had It In You To File A Lawsuit This Stupid. But, You Crazy Bastard, You Did It! (139)
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