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10:50 NY Appeals Court Says Law Enforcement Can't Withhold Misconduct Records Containing Only 'Unproven" Allegations (8)
10:45 Daily Deal: The Complete MATLAB Programming Master Class (0)
09:27 Supporting Free Speech Means Supporting Victims Of SLAPP Suits, Even If You Disagree With The Speakers (70)
05:23 Judge Allows Major 'Right To Repair' Lawsuit Against John Deere To Move Forward (3)
20:09 Court Shuts Down Union's Assertion That NYPD Officers Should Be Allowed To Choke People To Death (38)
15:28 Good And Bad News On Attempts To Implicate DNS Services For Copyright Infringement At The Domains They Resolve (15)
13:28 Florida Supreme Court: Victims' Rights Law Can't Be Used To Block Reporting On Police Misconduct (7)
11:59 We Teamed Up With Bluesky To Tell The Supreme Court How State Social Media Laws Don’t Take Into Account User Empowerment (63)
10:51 Wyoming's Top Court Says It's OK To For Cops To Steal Money Obtained From Legal Drug Sales (30)
10:46 Daily Deal: Kodak Slide N Scan Film & Slide Scanner (0)
09:34 Indian Court Orders Reuters To Take Down Investigative Report Regarding A ‘Hack-For-Hire’ Company (15)
05:30 Senator Markey Sends Automakers A Letter Criticizing Their Nonexistent Privacy Standards (7)
20:16 Colorado Becomes 2nd State To Strike 'Excited Delirium' From The Law Enforcement Vernacular (13)
16:01 No, Trademark Squatting On Anti-Israel Phrase Won't Keep It From Use (26)
13:37 Court Tosses Libel Suit Brought Against A Legal Doc Site For 'Failing' To Report On A Settlement Agreement (19)
10:55 Dumb, Telecom Industry Backed 'Network Fees' Drive Twitch Out Of Korea (25)
10:50 Daily Deal: Apple Watch Portable USB Charger (0)
09:25 Even If You Hate Both AI And Section 230, You Should Be Concerned About The Hawley/Blumenthal Bill To Remove 230 Protections From AI (92)
05:35 Congressional Incompetence Could Doom Key Low-Income Broadband Program (13)
20:23 You Still Don't Own What You Bought: Purchased TV Shows From PS Store Go Bye Bye (82)
15:24 Indiana’s Lawsuit Against TikTok Fails As Well (2)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 372: Decentralizing Innovation (0)
12:02 Activists Call On FTC To Craft Tougher 'Right To Repair' Rules, Repairability Scoring System (4)
10:45 Google Caves In Canada: Agrees To Pay $100m News Bribe To Avoid Direct Link Tax (36)
10:41 Daily Deal: Rosetta Stone (All Languages) (0)
09:29 Documents Show A Bunch Of Canadian Government Agencies Have Access To Phone-Hacking Tools (5)
05:26 Carmakers Push Forward With Plans To Make Basic Features Subscription Services, Despite Widespread Backlash (76)
20:15 Google Takes Down 'Downloader' App Again After Bullshit DMCA Complaint, Restores It Again (22)
15:19 State Of Iowa Sued By Pretty Much Everyone After Codifying Hatred With A LGBTQ-Targeting Book Ban (147)
12:14 Decentralization Matters: But Why? (10)
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