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20:25 Leaker Of Those FTC Microsoft Documents Revealed: It Was Microsoft Doing An Oopsie (9)
15:39 Countries Eye Weight Tax To Counter Public Safety Threat Of Extremely Heavy, Large EVs (70)
13:47 It Feels Like The Only Reason ExTwitter Still Has A Trust And Safety Team Is So Elon Can Lay Them Off (42)
12:11 EU-Funded 'Automated Deception Detection' Border Security Project Concludes, But Public Aren't Allowed To See Research Details (13)
10:45 What State Action Doctrine? Biden Administration Renews Push For Deal With TikTok, Where US Government Would Oversee Content Moderation On TikTok (27)
10:42 Daily Deal: Babbel Language Learning (0)
09:28 Court: Lawsuit Can Continue Against Library That Moved All LGBTQ Children's Books To The Adult Section (62)
05:26 Despite Some Progress, iFixit Says Apple's Dedication To 'Right To Repair' Still Sucks (15)
20:09 Delaware State Police Pay $50,000 To Man Troopers Ticketed For Flipping Them Off (18)
14:43 Boise State's Silly Trademark For 'Non-Green Football Fields" May Finally Get Challenged (10)
12:22 Council Of Europe Says Most Use Of NSO's Pegasus Spyware Is Probably Illegal (5)
10:50 Last Week 5th Circuit Said Gov’t Can’t Pressure Websites, This Week It Says Gov’t Mandated ‘Health’ Messages Are Perfectly Fine (42)
10:45 Daily Deal: Multi-Use Cleaning Pen for AirPods & Earbuds (0)
09:26 Judge Tells Trump Durham Report Doesn't Prove Hillary Clinton Conspired Against Him To [Squints At 2016] LOSE Election (28)
05:26 As Net Neutrality Debate Reheats, Remember The Real Problem Is Telecom Monopoly Power (7)
20:11 A Small Percentage Of Skyrim's Sales Were On Non-Microsoft Platforms; Its Sequel Will Be Microsoft Exclusive (30)
15:25 Cops Lose CSAM Evidence Because They Couldn't Be Bothered To Include Probable Cause In Their Warrant Application (12)
13:34 Techdirt Podcast Episode 366: Liability, Speech & Marketplaces (0)
12:02 Elon, Who Insisted He Had Solved The Spam/Bot Problem, Now Says He Will Paywall Twitter To Stop Spam/Bots (94)
10:47 UK Government ‘Concession’ On Breaking End-to-End Encryption In The Online Safety Act (Just Passed) Turns Out Not To Be One (36)
10:42 Daily Deal: The 2023 Complete Linux Training Bundle (1)
09:28 Court Says California’s Age Appropriate Design Code Is Unconstitutional (Just As We Warned) (13)
05:28 Senator Ted Cruz Pretends To Care About Wasteful Broadband Subsidies (15)
20:06 NZ Trademark Office Gets It Right Scrutinizing Trademark Opposition Review (3)
15:48 Appeals Court Says Michigan County's Vehicle Forfeiture Program Is Unconstitutional (13)
13:30 FTC Warns Pharma Companies That It May Go After Them For Sham Patent Listings Designed To Delay Generic Competitors (7)
12:00 Police Union VP Says Woman Killed By Cop Is Only Worth $11,000 (35)
10:53 Bill Willingham Says Fables Is Released To The Public Domain, DC Comics Says It Most Certainly Is Not (55)
10:48 Daily Deal: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (4)
09:24 Intelligence Community Feels It Might Be Time To Start Stuffing Surveillance Gear Into People's Pants (22)
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