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12:04 Judge Says Montana’s TikTok Ban Is Obviously Unconstitutional (4)
10:41 Yes, The First Amendment Protects Displaying The 'Thin Blue Line' Flag Even In Publicly Owned Buildings (100)
10:36 Daily Deal: Skill Success (0)
09:24 Elon Musk Says Only Those Who Pay Him Deserve Free Speech (87)
05:27 FCC To Vote On New Rules Cracking Down On Shitty Cable TV Fees (15)
20:06 Ubisoft Tries To DMCA Leak Of BG&E Remaster Footage Before Finally Getting It Right (6)
15:29 Groq Sends Elon’s ‘Grok’ A Cease & Desist, Though A Funny One (17)
13:34 An Appeals Court Broke Media Advertising, So The Copia Institute Asked The California Supreme Court To Fix It (38)
12:13 California Court: Passwords Are Communications, Protected By The Stored Communications Act (10)
10:58 Elon Says Copyright/AI Lawsuits Don’t Matter Because ‘Digital God’ Will Arrive Before They’re Decided (94)
10:53 Daily Deal: The Complete Photoshop Master Class Bundle (0)
09:24 Elon, After Personally Driving Away Advertisers, Tells Them To Go Fuck Themselves (Repeatedly), And Says 'Earth' Will 'Judge' Them For Killing ExTwitter (127)
05:27 The Wall Street Journal Is Very Upset By Efforts To Stop Racism In Broadband Deployment (45)
20:08 Unity Becomes Marketing Punching Bag For Other Game Engine (2)
15:37 Court To Officers: You Can't Charge Someone With Resisting Arrest When You Broke The Law With A Warrantless Entry (66)
12:31 Let's Not Flip Sides On IP Maximalism Because Of AI (41)
11:03 Musk’s Faulty Vision Of ‘Free Speech’ Is Driving Speech Off ExTwitter (182)
10:58 Daily Deal: MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand (0)
09:29 Ron Wyden Wants To Know Why The DEA Still Has On-Demand Access To Trillions Of Phone Records (9)
05:29 Sports Illustrated The Latest To Bare Its Entire Ass Thanks To Laziness, Greed, And Half-Cooked 'AI' (16)
20:10 Settlement Handed To 11-Year-Old Autistic Student Who Was Locked in A Cop Car For Hours, Hit With $25,000 Bail (70)
15:25 Main Chinese Social Media Platforms Now Require Top Influencers To Display Their Real Names Online (18)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 371: AI Is Going To Change More Than You Realize (0)
11:55 Elon Musk’s Latest Round Of Bigoted Tweets Likely Cost ExTwitter $75 Million Over The Rest Of 2023 (69)
10:48 NYPD Moves Towards Encrypting Radio Transmissions After Years Of Decrying Encryption Use By The General Public (13)
10:43 Daily Deal: The Complete 2024 CompTIA Certification Training Super Bundle by IDUNOVA (0)
09:35 Meta Joins Google In Turning Its Back On The Open Web, And Embracing Unconstitutional Mandates That Pretend To ‘Protect The Children’ (25)
05:30 FCC Moves Slowly To Update Definition Of Broadband To Something Still Pathetic (25)
19:40 Fifth Circuit Says Siccing A Police Dog On A Suicidal Person Is Excessive Force, Still Grants Immunity To Officer (76)
13:30 Dear Marin County Board of Supervisors: Reject The Sheriff’s Proposal To Install License Plate Cameras In The County (37)
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