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13:31 After Passing Online Safety Bill, UK Government Gets Back To Harassing Meta About Its End-To-End Encryption (20)
12:01 With Basically Zero Press Coverage At All, California Assembly Passes Its Own Version Of FOSTA (20)
10:56 Federal Judge Says Fuck The 1st Amendment While Upholding Public University's Drag Show Ban (84)
10:51 Daily Deal: The Big Data And Analytics Master Toolkit (0)
09:26 Can Google Be Held Liable For Man Who Died Following Google Maps Over A Collapsed Bridge? (88)
05:20 Activists Say California Is Backtracking On Plan For Statewide Affordable Broadband (7)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (70)
13:00 This Week In Techdirt History: September 17th - 23rd (2)
19:39 EU Piracy Rates Tick Back Up In Study That Shows Income Inequality And Less Legal Options To Blame (10)
15:46 10th Circuit Reminds Cop That A Driver Doing Nothing Suspicious Is Not Reasonable Suspicion To Extend A Stop (18)
13:44 The Enshittification Of Streaming Continues As Amazon Starts Charging Prime Video Customers Even More Money To Avoid Ads (19)
12:09 Elon May Have Accidentally Revealed How ExTwitter Usage Has Dropped Massively Since His Takeover (33)
10:39 White House, States Try To Convince Supreme Court In Jawboning Case (72)
10:36 Daily Deal: Adam Elements Mag 3 Magnetic 3-in-1 Foldable Travel Charging Station (0)
09:29 CBP Tells Senator Ron Wyden It Will Stop Buying Location Data From Third Parties (5)
05:19 Netflix Settles Dispute With South Korean ISP That Demanded Extra Money Just Because 'Squid Game' Was Popular (15)
20:25 Leaker Of Those FTC Microsoft Documents Revealed: It Was Microsoft Doing An Oopsie (9)
15:39 Countries Eye Weight Tax To Counter Public Safety Threat Of Extremely Heavy, Large EVs (70)
13:47 It Feels Like The Only Reason ExTwitter Still Has A Trust And Safety Team Is So Elon Can Lay Them Off (44)
12:11 EU-Funded 'Automated Deception Detection' Border Security Project Concludes, But Public Aren't Allowed To See Research Details (13)
10:45 What State Action Doctrine? Biden Administration Renews Push For Deal With TikTok, Where US Government Would Oversee Content Moderation On TikTok (27)
10:42 Daily Deal: Babbel Language Learning (0)
09:28 Court: Lawsuit Can Continue Against Library That Moved All LGBTQ Children's Books To The Adult Section (63)
05:26 Despite Some Progress, iFixit Says Apple's Dedication To 'Right To Repair' Still Sucks (15)
20:09 Delaware State Police Pay $50,000 To Man Troopers Ticketed For Flipping Them Off (20)
14:43 Boise State's Silly Trademark For 'Non-Green Football Fields" May Finally Get Challenged (10)
12:22 Council Of Europe Says Most Use Of NSO's Pegasus Spyware Is Probably Illegal (5)
10:50 Last Week 5th Circuit Said Gov’t Can’t Pressure Websites, This Week It Says Gov’t Mandated ‘Health’ Messages Are Perfectly Fine (42)
10:45 Daily Deal: Multi-Use Cleaning Pen for AirPods & Earbuds (0)
09:26 Judge Tells Trump Durham Report Doesn't Prove Hillary Clinton Conspired Against Him To [Squints At 2016] LOSE Election (28)
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