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  • Jun 20th, 2013 @ 7:01pm

    FBI & Constitution

    Have any of you ever read in the Constitution where the Federal Government IS authorized to have ANY type of a National police force? It ain't there!!! There is, however, the 10th Amendment, which says the Federal Government can only have the powers given to it BY the Constitution. (OH, Ouch Mr. Mueller! Now you Reeeeeally don't like it!) The Federal Bureau of Investigation is an ILEGAL organization! Who is surprised they find the Constitution inconvenient.

    Oh, but we neeeeeeed the FBI. We need a national police force. We need a Civilian Army - according to Obie. (Yer right, Obie - its called the Well Organized Militia!) So did Hitler - until he decided he needed a Personal Police force (Remember? The SS took out the SA after that epiphany).

    Do we? Do we need a National Police Force? According to the Constitution that was a power left to the numerous States! You can come up with all kinds of argument grounded in Security, Centralized Intelligence and efficiency, etc. The NSA keeps us safe by spying on us (what's a little freedom and liberty for Security as long as we keep it "safeguarded” from abuse... What was it Snowden called it? Turnkey Tyranny? Hmmmmm). The FBI catches criminals that cross State lines and international borders. The DHS protects our borders and keeps bombs off of planes (ROFLMAO!). The IRS steals our money (oh, yes, they ARE a police force!) FEMA builds Concentration Camps to hold who?

    And the ATF! Well! We all know what they do! (Waco, Waco...)

    Good Gawd! Do we also not know our own First Principles? YIKES! The Purpose of a JUST Government is to protect our individual liberties - NOT to take care of us and protect us. Get this Fellow Americans; the United States was not designed to be run by PROFESSIONALS!

    The FBI doesn't like the Constitution, oh my! None of them like the Constitution, wonder why…?