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Techdirt Greenhouse: An Idea Workshop

At Techdirt, our core belief is that ideas are living things -- and that by getting smart people to think about and discuss various ideas, they can often be made much better. It's what we try to do on Techdirt -- presenting ideas and getting people to discuss them -- as well as with customers of our Techdirt Corporate Intelligence service. We now want to take that same concept and try it in a live environment... the Techdirt Greenhouse.

Techdirt Greenhouse is a different kind of event. It's designed to be fun, interactive and thought provoking. It requires participation, rather than passive listening, but has enough structure that it's not a total free-for-all. In fact, the structure is quite similar to the Techdirt blog.

A group of pre-selected companies and individuals will present ideas in quick, five minute presentations. Unlike a standard product showcase, this is not the "final word." After a group of presentations, the attendees are split up into breakout groups, and given a specific issue from one of the presentations to "workshop." For a company with a new product, this could be anything from "what new features should be added" to "what target market should they focus on" to "is there a business model here?" Other presentations may not be about products, but ideas, and the workshops will be related to those ideas.

After a short period of time, everyone will reconvene and discuss some of the findings and takeaways for the presenters (and the attendees) to consider.

Think of each presentation as a Techdirt post -- and each breakout group as the comments around that post. This allows us to create an event where many different interesting topics gets discussed among a diverse group of people with a wide range of perspectives and opinions -- all in a short period of time.

Leave the Powerpoint and the sales pitches at home. Here's a chance to interact with some of the smartest folks around, while helping to solve real and interesting challenges facing the technology business today

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Techdirt Greenhouse

"It was a great place to be. It is probably one of the best events I have been to in a long time. Its charm was that it was very, very interactive."

Dorai Thodla

Techdirt Greenhouse

What's in it for me?

See and hear cool new ideas that can help you with your own projects and spark new ideas

Meet and interact with some of the smartest people around

Ponder and solve fun and interesting problems

Techdirt Greenhouse

When Is Techdirt Greenhouse?

Sign up for our mailing list, and we'll let you know when the next Greenhouse is scheduled.




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