Reminder: 'What IT Needs To Know About The Law' Webinar Tomorrow

from the don't-miss-it dept

A reminder for folks that tomorrow, Wednesday May 26th, at 9am PT/noon ET, we'll be holding the next webinar in our IT Innovation series, What IT Needs To Know About The Law. I've been working on the content for this webinar with Dave Navetta and Larry Downes, and it's shaping up great, covering many of the issues we talk about here on a regular basis. In fact, there's so much good stuff, that we're down to figure out what we're leaving out -- perhaps to revisit at a future date. Either way, it should be chock full of good info that will be useful for any IT person, so don't miss it. Sign up now, and stop by tomorrow with questions ready. As with our past webinars, this one will be interactive. We'll be taking questions from attendees throughout the webinar. Please join us.

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