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by Mike Masnick

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by Mike Masnick

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by Mike Masnick

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by Nina Paley

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by Mike Masnick

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Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

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by Mike Masnick

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Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

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apps, free, taipei

apple, google

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11:50 Katherine Heigl Wants Six Mil-Do After Drugstore Tweets Picture Of Her Shopping There (38)
10:44 Adding Condoleezza Rice To Dropbox's Board Seems Incredibly Tone Deaf Following NSA Concerns (83)
09:44 Describing Public Domain Works As 'Pirated' And 'Illegal' Is Bad For Everyone (27)
08:41 Dianne Feinstein: Emotions Didn't Motivate The CIA Torture Report; Michael Hayden's Coverup Did (14)
07:19 Indiana Supreme Court Declares An Officer's Testimony Is More Reliable Than Video Evidence (57)
05:20 Fresh Off Being Called Out For Collusion, Legacy Music Industry Players Cite Need For Greater Collusion On Political Front (57)
03:15 Patent Trolls Still Very Busy: These Two 'Innovators' Have Filed 22 Lawsuits Since January Of This Year (18)
00:12 USTR Warns That EU-Only Cloud To Avoid NSA Surveillance May Violate Trade Agreements (60)


20:06 Court Says FTC Can Go After Companies Who Get Hacked For Their Weak Security Practices (34)
17:00 DailyDirt: Mystery Men With No Memories (14)
16:05 Bracket Watch: EA Upset Early, Comcast Beats Monsanto For 'Worst Company' Award (33)
14:58 Fox Accidentally Releases Family Guy Game Early, 'Fixes' This By Issuing YouTube Copyright Claims And Killing Twitch Channels (16)
13:59 George W. Bush Used Top Google Results For All His Paintings; Will He Be Sued For Copyright Infringement? (26)
12:59 Shameful Security: StartCom Charges People To Revoke SSL Certs Vulnerable To Heartbleed (82)
12:02 Comcast Apparently Hopes No One Actually Looks At Its Ridiculously Misleading Claims Of Broadband Competition (31)
11:04 Eric Holder Admits That, If It Wanted, NSA Could Collect Internet Searches & Emails Just Like Phone Metadata (21)
10:00 The Cost Of Permission Culture: Or Why Netflix Streaming Library Sucks Compared To Its DVD Library (48)
09:01 MPAA's Lawsuit Against Megaupload Is Yet Another Broadside Attack On The Internet (89)
07:40 Singapore Says 3 Strikes Is Too Intrusive For Copyright Reform, So Goes With SOPA-Style Censorship Instead (39)
05:37 YouTube Video Taken Down Because Of Background Street Performer Impersonating Michael Jackson (54)
03:40 DC Judge Smacks Down Government For Vague iPhone Search Warrant (7)
00:13 FOIA Exemption B(5) Means Never Having To Let A Redaction Opportunity Slip By (10)


20:08 A New Animated Web Series About Copying And Copyright (54)
17:00 DailyDirt: Judging The Quality of Science (54)
15:38 NSA Spied On Human Rights Watch And Amnesty International (29)
14:14 College Violates Student's Rights, Follows It Up By Deleting Critical Comments From Its Facebook Page (20)
13:07 Snowden Says NSA Is Lying When It Claims He Didn't Raise Concerns Through The Proper Channels (47)
12:10 Chamber Of Commerce, Main Lobbyists Behind SOPA, Suddenly Wooing Silicon Valley (9)
11:06 EU Data Retention Requirements Ruled 'Invalid' By EU Court Of Justice (26)
09:59 Heartbleed Bug In OpenSSL Makes It Worse Than No Encryption At All (59)
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